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Artist Portrait Shabnam Miller born April 27, 1978in Frankfurt am Main / Germany. 

Mother Iranian, father of German descent.

​Shabnam Miller's works lead to deep experiences, which developed from spiritual processes since early childhood.

With her German / Iranian roots she places the woman as a divine, creative being in the center of her universe.

Like Eve of Paradise, the Primal Mother becomes pregnant and capable of suffering, powerful and humble, self-sacrificing and forgiving, yet ever unfathomable in the midst of a garden of flowers, butterflies and birds, reinterpreting in their perception as messengers of beauty and freedom.

She began in her earliest childhood, whenever she had the opportunity to express her universe graphically, and the desire to further develop, these ambitions manifested itself vehemently.​

With the help of her Iranian mother, who recognized her talent early on, she began to paint oil paintings on canvas at the age of 14.​

Her first name Shabnam means morning dew in Farsi, the Persian language. Thus, the fascination of the water droplet led Shabnam Miller to use the color "blue" frequently. 

After marriage and birth of her son, she moved to Austin, Texas. There, she studied the public art scene and her art developed further. She integrated powerful colors into her paintings, inspired by the Mexican subculture of Austin/Texas.

She had several opportunities to successfully present her expressive surreal paintings.

Despite the love that she had developed to Austin for the past 9 years, she increasingly missed the European way of life. In addition was the desire, to show her son another world. With a heavy heart, she decided to move back to Germany with her son.​

After her return to Germany, she continued with her passion for painting and exhibitions followed. ​Now she lives in Wiesbaden, the state capital of Hessen. Finding herself being homesick again, however now for Austin/Texas. She realizes that a human life, lived in different countries and cultures can never be reduced back to its original size. And thus one will forever miss one or the other.​

As the daughter of a migrant, this question of identity has occupied Shabnam Miller’s life for as long as she can remember. A question and realization that is reflected in today's beautiful Europe.

How she operates

Shabnam Miller's works are created in a self-taught manner, exclusively in oil paints. Their imagery convey spiritual engagement with the global issues of our lives, which can be partly enigmatic, mystical or visionary, inspire the viewer as a mirror to reality.​

 In addition to the preferred theme > woman <  flowers, birds and fruits, amongst other things, are added as messengers of creation, as the expression, and reflection of the external and internal values ​​of our world.

The artist processes three cultures, which, despite diametrical, religious influence in her personal career, combine them into a fascinating unity that can make manifold interpretations of our universal life possible.

Shabnam Miller

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