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Yoga, Coaching and Embodied Health


Teaching Yoga, promoting holistic and embodied wellbeing and consultation is my second passion after creating art.

I am International Yoga Alliance certified.

My Yoga classes consist of Hatha Yoga, designed Yoga sequences, Sun salutation sequences, Vinyasa Flow, Flow formats for beginner and advanced students.

During classes I demonstrate postures to students and help them find the right asana alignment for their body.


I am also a certified Psychological Counsellor  (HpPsych Paracelsus Mainz/Germany).

And my coaching sessions are inspired by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR and the Shadow Principle according to C.G. Jung.

I support body mind awareness. Being highly sensitive, I am sometimes overwhelmed by my emotions and the things I sense from the outside world. I learned to regulate my emotions and deal with my inner and outer world through the tools of Embodiment like Yoga, Shadow Work, and EMDR.

In 2022/23 I explored the healing journey of Breathwork and I am now in the process of becoming a Breathwork facilitator. I will take you with me on the Breathwork journey, if you so choose.

Kundalini awakening and integration process.

Plants are medicine!


Contact me if you are interested to learn about yourself in new ways through embodied healing and health,

one on one coaching sessions, personal training and yoga courses.

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