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Titel : Madre

Medium : Oil on canvas

Father, son and the holy spirit.

All without a mother?

She wraps her arms around you,

even though you pretend to not see her.

She is here and always will be.

Waiting for your temper tantrum to disappear.

Giving you time to emotionally regulate your humanness.

Human mess!

We carry the very medicine our mother earth is needing.

It's time to go within and embrace.

But we must come closer to ourselves.

Closer to hear her whisper of wisdom within us.

Our own body holds the key to unlock the ears who can hear and the eyes who can see.

Our body.

The key.

Natural temple.

Vessel to the holy spirit.

Live in nature.

Eat her untreated fruits.

Swim in her clean waters.

Live within the cycles of nature.

Wake up with the sun, go to bed after sundown.

Live with animals but do not be their master.

It's how it's intended to be.

What have we done?

We removed ourselves so far from her and labeled it advancements.

We exhausted ourselves to the point of insanity.

And now it's time to stop and rise.


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