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  • Shabnam Miller

The System, by default, is not designed to work for us.

We are being told, to chase happiness, beauty, longevity, security, forever love through perfection of it.

In the pursuit of happiness, we get so busy that we fail to recognize the scam.

The scam is spamming us with fear. Fear is the absence of love and thus takes away our knowledge of greatness.

And this lost knowledge make us feel inferior.

Because we can't remember who we are anymore.

Now we are better controlled and adapt the strategies for our lives from others.

How do you define your life’s purpose?

By following the rules of someone, who benefits from your workforce?

I don't know about you, but it feels strange to me, that this is suppose to be, how it's done.

Exactly like this?

It cannot be done any better?

Do you know anyone, who is not tired of this system?

I do not.

Your greatness and love is capable of illuminating the whole world.

Remember that.

How powerful would you truly be, if you had the freedom to develop how you were meant to, by your creator.


I discovered this chick o my birthday as an omen for death and rebirth.

There is beauty in death.

The old is allowed to leave and the new is allowed to enter.

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  • Shabnam Miller

As the plane took off in Rome, I watched the Italian landscape beneath, spreading from tiny to larger (uneven) round or oval shaped olive and grapevine fields. Organised smoothly around hills, mountains, rivers and forests. As I landed in Frankfurt the landscape was organised as well, yes .... in mathematically correctly measured smaller and larger square and rectangle shaped fields, despite forests, rivers and mountains.

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  • Shabnam Miller

Updated: Apr 24, 2022 I was rereading the last chapter.

Still missing the desert,


I was suprised by an April shower.

And the shower said to me: "The only thing you're missing, is the umbrella you left at home."


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