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I recently had a conversation with someone who said and thought, that I was lucky because I am a painter and I do what I love. The person thought, it was pure joy and bliss doing my art. Painting. A few years back when I was living in Austin Texas, I visited Alonso Rey in his studio on the East side. He invited me to view his current work in progress, which he was creating for a couple living in Westlake. It portrayed the man as a magician letting his wife float, with flying rabbits around them. We sat an contemplated about the painting. I asked him! I wanted to know what he feels while painting. Because I was confused about my own feelings, when I worked on a piece. He said: "Any Painter who says they love painting is lying. Painting is painful, it's work, it's about overcoming yourself over and over again. It's not as romantic for the painter as it is for people looking from the outside in." I looked at him and was relieved that my feelings were not abnormal. I was relieved, that there are other artists who feel the same I do. Pain'ting is pain. It's overcoming yourself. It's about refocusing. It's blessed but it's work. Pain'ting fulfills you, but it's not joy. It's facing yourself each and every time.


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